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The Principle Of Plate Rolling Machine

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The Principle Of Plate Rolling Machine

A plate roll machine is a process of bending a plate into various shapes. It is a kind of asymmetrical plate-bending machine that uses three rollers to roll the plate. Some manufacturers also configure these machines to serve as material plate supports. However, this can limit their range of application.

Mechanical three-roll asymmetrical plate bending machine:

Mechanical three-roll asymmetrical plate benders are fully hydraulic-driven machines with three working rolls. The upper and lower rolls drive the machine, while the middle roller acts as a slewing roller. The lower roll can move in an arc simultaneously with the upper roller. This arc motion mode is advantageous to the user as it creates a short straight section in the plate and a long arm of force more favorable to force application.

These machines require accurate alignment of the upper and lower rollers. Generally, the lower roller is set at a radius equal to or smaller than the upper roll. Then, the upper roller is positioned above the lower roller, adding downward pressure on the lower roller. This is a highly effective method for achieving the required radius.

Overturning device:

The overturning device of a rolling plate machine is a mechanism that facilitates the removal of products in the axial direction of a roller. It consists of a sliding block, a support plate, and a rod. The rod is connected to the upper roller by a connecting beam, which makes the entire machine rigid. In addition, it includes a roll-bearing seat for the upper roll.

The main cylinder and the piston rod are connected to the bearing seat of the upper roller. The plate must roll after the top and bottom rolls without skidding during the bending process. The bending process should be stopped before the overturning device is used. This is done to avoid damaging the high-current displacement sensor and several significant impacts on the table.

Balancing device:

The rolling plate machine is a type of machine that uses rollers to bend and form metal. The main roll rotates in a fixed direction, and the side roll makes an inclined lifting movement. The rollers are driven by hydraulic transmission. One group gear acts on the piston, while another drives the lower roller. Both roll motors are attached to a rack rail and side rollers. The balancing device is located on the upper roll.

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